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Our classic Wolters beers are distinctive and very digestible, such as the easy-to-drink Pilsener with its well balanced bitterness and the full-bodied Black – our dark beer specialty. Wolters Wheat has a special brewing composition with more than 50% wheat malt, other special malts and white beer yeast. Last but nut least, the NAM malt beverage is an tangy and fresh non alcoholic alternative.


In 2014 we introduced our new brand Brunonia to the international markets. Brunonia is available as Premium Lager, Black Pilsener Style and Wheat plus the Brunonia non-alcoholic malt beverage. The brand name and design express the close historical connection of beer to our home town, Brunonia beeing the patron of Braunschweig.


Brunsviga’s beers come in three different types: Pilsener with a distinctive aromatic taste and full-bodied flavor, Black with a fine, compact foam and slightly malty taste and Wheat with a mixture of barley and wheat that gives it a really fresh taste.



The brand name Gerstengold means barley gold. The Pilsener type is brewed with the best ingredients to give the beer its unique and unbeatable taste. Also our Black beer speciality comes with the best ingredients and is fun to drink. The Gerstengold Wheat beer with its fresh taste and appetizing coloring has convinced every wheat beer connoisseurso far. Just try it!

Schwarzer Herzog

Schwarzer Herzog stands for the traditional art of brewing and is known far beyond the borders of Brunswick. The Pilsener type has a fresh taste and is a fascinating pleasure for any connoisseur of Pilsner. Black is a renowed specialty of Hofbrauhaus Wolters, bottom fermented like pilsener beers. Wheat has a special brewing composition. It is loved for its fruity taste.


Okergold comes in three different types. The Pilsener with a distinctive aromatic taste. Black is an exceptional specialty with a full bodied taste. Selected special malts give it a dark color and spicy malt flavor. Wheat has a very special brewing composition wirth more than 50% wheat malt, other valuable special malts and white beer yeast. Everyone loves it for its fruity taste.


Prinzensud are seasonal beer specialities brewed for the Brunswick carnival every year. The refreshing Lager type comes with a balanced and mild hop aroma and a fine sparkling carbonation. With Prinzensud Black the brewmaster of Hofbrauhaus Wolters created a beer specialty with a mild and tangy taste. The characterful Wheat with its variety of aromas convinces every wheat beer connoisseur.

Malta Soleil

Malta Soleil is our very sweet and tasty non-alcoholic dark malt beverage. Especially our African customers love it!


Colbitzer Pils is pleasure for all Pils connoisseurs who prefer a fine dry hopped and tangy beer with liveliness and a fresh taste. Colbitzer Black is an exceptional dark beer specialty with a distinctive character and spicy malt flavor. Colbitzer Wheat has a special brewing composition and a fruity taste.