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Welcome to Hofbrauhaus Wolters


We are a privately owned brewery based in northern Germany with a heritage of brewing since 1627. We are the dominant market leader with Wolters beer specialities in the Brunswick region. 

Expertise, craftmanship and know-how of many generations of Master Brewers guarantee the highest quality levels of our Hofbrauhaus Wolters brewery.

We have established a stable and sustainable export business for our speciality beers. As a best-in-class performer and trusted partner in 
co-packing, we serve the international markets with highest quality and award-winning beer varieties. 

“We strongly believe that our long history, great reputation and know-how 
are key to providing optimum conditions for global markets.“

Foundation 1627
No of Employees 129
Location Brunswick
Total output 950.000 HL
Export countries 30 countries

Our Company

Based on Tradition, open for the Future

Core market

Our core market is the State of Lower Saxony and the region around our home town of Brunswick. Here we intend to strengthen our brand and our distribution supported by local and regional marketing activities, such as press advertising, billboarding, radio advertising and POS-marketing. In addition, we support local and regional festivals to be as close as possible to our customers. 

We have modern filling machines and we have certifications for the highest quality standards approved by IFS (International Food Standards) We are flexible, fast and straight forward in delivering your requirements. All this combined with our wide experience in international markets and our range of export management skills makes us a successful global player. 


The proximity of our brewery to Germany’s largest port in Hamburg, allows fast transits and reduced freight costs. We provide improved handling services for sea freight cargo (option by barge) and road transportation.


Taking care of our world

Sustainability is crucial for us, including waste management, CO₂ reduction as well as prudent energy and water consumption. We reduced our office paper consumption by 25 percent in 2020 due to a smaller number of printers and digital workflow. Our bottle labels are based on paper without being metallized.

Thanks to having our own de-alcoholization equipment we no longer need transportation to and from external suppliers thus reducing our CO₂ output. We have invested in new cooling equipment and implemented a water consumption analysis process. Our energy management is certified by DEKRA. In addition we are IFS Food certified to ensure sustainability across the complete value chain.

Finest Quality

One of the best in beer craftmanship

We operate consistently under the rules of an extended quality management system, thereby guaranteeing our customers a constant high-quality level. Major elements of our quality assurance are the certification of our brewery in accordance with the International Food Standards IFS.

Our non-alcoholic malt beverages are produced according to the HALAL regulations. Some of our products meet the standards for Kosher certification.

As a German brewery, it is natural that all our beers are brewed in strict accordance with the German Purity Law. The only ingredients we use to brew our beer are barley malt, natural water, hops and yeast. No maize, rice, acids or other chemical additives are allowed. This certainly is the major reason for the high international reputation of German beers.

Modern brewing techniques combined with the excellent know-how of our master brewers and selected ingredients guarantee the unique quality and taste of our beers.